Global Postural Re-education

Global Postural Re-education (RPG® – Rééducation Posturale Globale) is a physiotherapy method developed in 1980 by Philippe Souchard, a French physiotherapist.


His manual therapy method offers a new way of looking at musculoskeletal disorders, and thus a new approach to treating them. The RPG® method – which is constantly evolving – is based on an in-depth analysis of anatomy, biomechanics, muscle physiology, and neuromuscular coordination. It differs from other methods in its original approach to the static function.


Injuries, frequent repetition of movements required to perform everyday tasks and work- and sports-related activities, and maintaining postures for extended periods of time, cause muscle fibres to shorten, making them more resistant to stretching. Muscles that become retracted in this way hinder movement, modify posture, and create imbalances in joints. This results in pain, inflammation, compression in joints, loss of range of motion, tendinitis, and muscle tears.


As RPG® treatment lengthens muscle fibres, it can be used to treat morphological deformities, restricted range of motion, and muscle, joint, vertebral disc and ligament pain.

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Global Active Stretching (SGA®)

Philippe Souchard’s passion

Philippe Souchard, the French physiotherapist who developed the Global Posture Re-education method, gives us glimpse of his passion for the human body that has driven him for more than 40 years. He also shares with us the foundations and principles underlying the RPG® method.


“I am convinced that our profession is an absolutely amazing and wonderful profession; a profession in which there is still much more progress to be made…

How is it that we are bipeds? With such a small support polygon? It’s absolutely amazing! In fact, it’s so amazing that it’s not surprising that such complexity comes at a price! And the price to pay are the disorders that we are prone to.

Why? What is the ultimate purpose of my being able to stand upright? What is the ultimate purpose of the movements I can perform? … “


These are the questions that Philippe Souchard has constantly sought to answer – with a good dose of common sense – in his ongoing quest to gain a better understanding of how the human body works as a whole.

This documentary was produced by the Spanish RPG® Association.

Global Active Stretching


Global Active Stretching (SGA®) is an original and effective method of stretching based on RPG® principles.


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