Who we are

The Belgian RPG® Association

The Belgian RPG® Association strives to achieve 3 main objectives, namely:


  • Promote the RPG® method among physicians, physiotherapists, and the general public, through conferences, articles, attending meetings, and this website.
  • Organise RPG® courses for the sole purpose of producing trained practitioners capable of providing high-quality treatment.
  • Advance scientific research through supervision of research on RPG®.

The Association’s Executive Board

The Board is composed of 6 volunteers.


  • Josiane Courtois (Chair)
  • Muriel André (Vice-Chair)
  • Myriam Ongenaed (Treasurer)
  • Louise Dayez (Secretary)
  • Laurence Willemyns
  • François Mercier
  • Geoffrey Grégoire
  • Laura Danhier

How to join

Any physiotherapist who has been trained in the RPG® method can join our association upon payment of an annual membership fee. The membership fee will go towards supporting the association’s activities, and will entitle the member to be included in the list of practitioners published on this website


Annual membership fee:

The membership fee is EUR 120.00 per calendar year, which is to be paid into the association’s bank account specifying, “Membership fee + year + full name”


Bank details:

IBAN: BE87 3701 0726 3394